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15 units ISUZU road sweeper vehicles to Sudan

3月 14, 2018

15 units ISUZU road sweeper vehicles to Sudan

front view of isuzu sweeper

Vehicle Main Parameters:

Truck  name: Isuzu Road sweeper
Model CLW5070TSLQL5
Size:  6190x1990x2590
Garbage Bin Volume: 4.5 m3
Water Tank Volume: 1.5 m3

back view of the isuzu sweeper

The vehicle equipped with Jiangling 57kw auxiliary engine, high-quality maintenance-free automatic clutch and fan, joint-venture electromagnetic group, wear-resistant hydraulic oil cylinder, Siemens electronic control switch,

Q345 alloy anti-corrosion water tank, Garbage bin, and equipped with two-way Operation button.

The sweep plate has anti-collision automatic avoidance function can be based on the surface sediment severity and speed of the choice of sweep cleaning mode, suction box for the rear suspension, can automatically adjust to adapt to uneven surface conditions; left and right front sweep and rear suction cup spray dust system, front sweep automatic avoidance function,

The electric and hydraulic control system is in the cab and convenient to operate.Maximum sweep width of 3.2 meters, maximum inhaled granule ø100mm.

15 units ISUZU <a target='_blank' href=''>road sweeper vehicle</a> finished

Nearly 20 days, our factory finished all these 15 units Isuzu sweeper after the chassis came to our factory. And after the inspection of customer’s friend commissioned, all perfect and ready to load on trailer.

15 units ISUZU <a target='_blank' href=''>road sweeper vehicle</a> finished

Main Features:

1. The integrated control system of the CAB is controlled by the electric centralized cab and is easy to operate.
2. Four-sweep plate and suction nozzle for the combination of sweep and suction ability to excellent.Both sides can work at the same time, but also independent work on one side
The cleaning device mechanism is simple and reliable, and it is difficult to damage;
All stainless steel garbage bin, clear water box;
3.Hydraulic system core components imported;Appearance modelling computer design, high side skirt, curved surface transition, overall coordination symmetry

workers are tying road sweepers on a trailer

3 units isuzu road sweeper tied on one trailer, and ready delivery to shanghai port. 

Isuzu road sweeper truck on the flatbed trailer delivering to port

Trucks to Sudan, we have rich experience, like water truck, garbage truck, fire truck…

If you have such kinds of problem or questions, contact us freely.

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