China Isuzu 600p Road sweeper truck

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China Isuzu 600p Road sweeper truck

Basic Parameters of Isuzu 600p Road sweeper truck

Chassis Model: Ql1070a5hay
Engine Model: 4KH1CN5HS
Engine power: 96KW
Overall Dimension: 6190x1990x2590mm
Working width: 2.6M
Inhalation granularity: φ120mm.
Water Tank Volume: 1.5m³
Dust Bin Volume: 4m³
Maximum working ability: 13000㎡/h-52000㎡/h.
Fitted standard: with 4 sweep plate, jiangling Isuzu Auxiliary engine, Sanyo Motor, Schneider control switch, Hypris solenoid valve Group, stepless speed automatic clutch, maintenance-free centrifugal fan, stainless steel trash box, tail led arrow indicator, central Polaris electronic Water Pump, manual pump emergency system, garbage lift dump function.

China Isuzu 600p Road sweeper truck

Optional installation of Isuzu 600p Road sweeper truck

1. Optional Garbage bin self-cleaning function
2. Optional installation reversing monitoring function
3. Optional pre-flushing and shower function

Spare parts of Isuzu 600p Road sweeper truck

Spare tire one, Jack (with the chassis attached), a warning truck d, sweeping brush set, a set of seals, special tools, engine instructions, engine warranty manual.

China Isuzu 600p Road sweeper truck

Functions of Isuzu 600p Road sweeper truck

1. Adopt the way of collecting and sweeping the garbage, wet dust removal, electro-hydraulic control, hydraulic tilting unloading, the operation way of cleaning the road.
2. Use the auxiliary engine to drive the fan and the hydraulic system specially, ensure that the driving process can continue to work, ensure the continuity of the cleaning process.
3. Using the "medium set four sweep plate + spray Dust removal Device + Center clapboard + REAR SUCTION Nozzle" structure layout, so that the cleaning process in the sand is not splashing dust, this layout is easy to clean the device and sucker adjustment and maintenance, transition operation when the whole truck through good.
4. The transmission between the auxiliary engine and the fan is provided with an automatic clutch, which can guarantee the automatic detachment of the auxiliary engine when it is unloaded and the blower, and reduce the impact on the auxiliary engine, and improve the working reliability and service life of the auxiliary engine.
5. Sweep disc has encountered obstacles to automatically avoid protection and automatic reset function, encountered obstacles automatically back to shrink, over the obstacle automatically back to the position.
6. Sweep speed can be based on a variety of different cleaning conditions to adjust the speed, to ensure that in all kinds of pollution conditions have a good cleaning effect
7. The use of advanced, efficient special fans and can be automatically leveling with the surface of the full floating suction nozzle, cleaning effect, long service life.

China Isuzu 600p Road sweeper truck

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