China water mist fog cannon LM-60

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China water mist fog cannon, model LM-60

China water mist fog cannon LM-60

Main Parameters of LM-60

Product model: LM-60
Patent No. 201630487869.3
Fan Motor Power (KW):  7.5KW
Drive pump Power (kw):  4 KW
Water consumption (/h):  3.5
Up and down spraying angle range:  -10°-55°
Left and right spraying angle range:  0°-360°
Power configuration:  380V 50Hz
Noise level (20MT):  ca.70 DB
Number of nozzles:  25 PCS
Water Mist fineness (micron): 10~150
Water Filtration precision (micron/mesh):  250/60
Distance remote control:  (M 100 (m)
Generator set (kw):  30KW diesel generator
Operating Ambient temperature: 0°~55
Weight (kg): 330 kg
Size (mm):  1100x780x1900
China water mist fog cannon LM-60

Features of LM-60

1. Compact structure, reasonable layout, fine workmanship, perfect configuration, good operation performance;
2. Shooting Chengyuan, covering a large area, small mist particles, with the dust floating in contact with the formation of a damp mist, can quickly reduce dust to sink;
3. High efficiency, spray speed, strong penetration of dust and fog bead adhesion, can effectively save water and reduce environmental pollution;
4. Remote control/electronic control compatible, start fast, use security, flexible and convenient, high cost performance;
5. High efficiency, wide range of application, micro-motor control horizontal rotation, hydraulic system control pitching angle, change angle speed fast;

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