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Road Sweeper Truck

» Road Sweeper Truck

10cbm road sweeper vehicle
  • tianjin road sweeper vehicle
  • Dongfeng road sweeper vehicle
  • back view of road sweeper truck
  • water flush on suction plate
  • ash brush on road sweeper
  • special water spray pipe combination
  • high pressure flush pipe
  • flush pipe on road sweeper vehicle
  • suction plate on road sweeper vehicle
  • clw road sweeper vehicle
  • Dongfeng 10 cbm road sweeper vehicle

    1. Model: CLW5160TXSD

    2. Size: 8580X2490X3100

    3. GVW: 16000kg

    4. Engine: Cummins 180hp

    5. Water Tank: 4cbm

    6. Garbage Tank: 6cbm

    • Specifications
    • Truck Working Video

    Dongfeng 10 cbm road sweeper vehicle

    10cbm <a target='_blank' href=''>road sweeper vehicle</a>

    Dongfeng Road Sweeper truck, this cleaning vehicle using the “middle set incompatibility sweep + in the wide suction nozzle (built-in high-pressure spray rod) + in the high-pressure side of the spray rod” operating device layout. With road cleaning, road washing, high-pressure cleaning, curb scrubbing, garbage collection, sewage recovery, high-pressure spray and road wall cleaning, such as a variety of operating functions.

    tianjin <a target='_blank' href=''>road sweeper vehicle</a>

    Dongfeng Cleaning vehicle using advanced intelligent control mode, when the operation, only select the operating mode, the operation of the start-up and shutdown by the program automatic control. Operating mode by the whole wash sweep as truck , left sweep as truck , right sweep truck , full sweep road operation, left Sweep road operation, right Sweep road operation and pure suction and other operating modes.

    ash brush on road sweeper

    Dongfeng Cleaning Vehicle adopts the double suction nozzle, suction mouth diameter up to 180mm. The built-in long row high-pressure water jet rod from the ground clearance is small, the flow force is big, can direct sewage to suction mouth, less work splash, sewage suction rate is high. And according to the road surface sewage, adjust the length of the nozzle to the road surface flushing angle, so that cleaning effect better.

    tianjin <a target='_blank' href=''>road sweeper vehicle</a>

    The auxiliary engine of Dongfeng Sweeper truck drives the clutch, when starting and stopping, the cylinder drive clutch is separated and the delay is joined. The separation and engagement of the clutch is automatically controlled by the electronic control system without manual operation, which can effectively avoid the damage of the fan, high pressure water pump and engine. High-pressure water pump imported from Germany, when the high-pressure pump start and work valve switch, the pump can automatically unload. Through the air circulation, safety valve and overflow valve triple protection, effectively prevent the high pressure pump damage.

    high pressure flush pipe

    An overflow alarm device and a high-pressure spraying and rinsing device are arranged in the waste bin of Dongfeng cleaning vehicle. The overflow alarm device can prevent the overflow from the straw in the sewage operation, cause two times pollution, and the high-pressure spraying cleaning device can automatically clean the sewage box after dumping the rubbish, which greatly reduces the labor intensity of the operator. The rear part of the vehicle is equipped with an automatic coiling and Flushing reel, with a 18m high hose, which can be used to clean the body and other equipment and facilities.

    suction plate on <a target='_blank' href=''>road sweeper vehicle</a>

    Dongfeng Cleaning truck, hydraulic system gear pump using domestic high-quality pumps, reliable performance, valve parts manufacturers are internationally recognized the most professional production of hydraulic components. The hydraulic motor adopts Italy imported motor, and the quality is reliable and guaranteed. The electrical system uses PLC automatic control, the controller uses the German original import brand, the control starts uses the Japanese import product, the United States imports the sensor, the performance is reliable.

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