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Dust Suppression Truck

» Dust Suppression Truck

Dongfeng 10 cbm dust suppression truck
  • China 10cbm dust suppression truck
  • Longma 10cbm dust suppression truck
  • 35m fog cannon on dust suppression truck
  • back view of dust suppression truck
  • whole view of this 10 cbm anti dust truck
  • longma dust suppression truck
  • detailed picture of the fog cannon
  • the fan on the fog cannon
  • Dongfeng 10 cbm tank dust suppression truck

    1. Model: CLW5160GPSD5

    2. Brand: Dongfeng

    3. Size: 8200×2500×3200(mm)

    4. GVW: 16000KG

    5. Tank Capacity: 10cbm

    6. Spraying Distance: 35m

    • Specifications

    Dongfeng 10 cbm tank dust suppression truck

    Dongfeng series dust suppression vehicles combines green spraying vehicle and spraying insecticide function in one, the use of new type fog cannon, can move up and down, under liquid water pump pressure and fan, the two atomization can be for gardens, orchards, green belts, garbage dumps, epidemic prevention areas for spraying insecticide disinfection!

    The tank body is made of GB 4mm truck bon steel Plate, Volume: 10-12 cubic meters, equipped with special high-power pumps, vertical suction course, 6 meters, watering width of 14 m, with the front of the shower, side spray, back to the work platform, the platform installed green sprinkler high-pressure cannon (can be 360° rotation, spray state can be adjusted into straight, heavy rain, drizzle, drizzle , range > 25 m). This is the ideal vehicle for municipal, sanitation and road construction.

    The new type  pesticide spraying vehicle uses 6KW gasoline Generator set, the Operation form has the manual control spray tube and the driving indoor remote control spray tube. Two types, all are safe and convenient for the process with perfect performance.
    Spray target is highly accurate, reduce repetitive spraying, can effectively save the dosage and reduce pollution. High efficiency, wide range of application, spray speed, can work while walking.

    Supporting power: 6-kilowatt single-phase Gasoline Generator Set
    Drug Pump Flow: 25-29l/min
    Working pressure: 1.5-3.5mpa
    Fog Range: 50-150um
    Range: Vertical 20-25m level 30-40m
    Tilt angle: -10°-90° (remote control)
    Air Cylinder horizontal degree: 360°
    Cabinet Volume: 500L
    Unit Weight: 500Kg
    Size: 140cmx106cmx180cm

    This model is suitable for landscaping Department street Trees, nursery, green Belt, park vegetation and agricultural and forestry plants, forest trees, grassland vegetation spraying drugs to prevent and control pests and diseases, can also be used in stations, terminals, theatres and other public places and livestock farms, garbage dumps and a variety of road surface cleaning and disinfection, to prevent epidemic infection, but also for flushing, Sprinkler operations and emergency fire fighting. Its main functions are: Antiaircraft artillery, fire, wind to send a large area of remote spray and other functions.


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