Dongfeng 5000 liters road ash suction truck with broom

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Dongfeng 5000 liters road ash suction truck with broom

Main Parameters of the road cleaning and suction truck

Dongfeng duolika white cab, 3300 wheelbase and 95 horse power, 5+1 transmission, air brake, 7.00-16 tire, 5000 liters garbage tank, LM-GS-2500 road broom

Dongfeng 5000 liters road ash suction truck with broom

Modified Parts details

The sweeper truck uses a cbm box, the alloy tank volume is 1 cbm , and the alloy waste bin volume is 4.5 cbm meters. Pure Chongqing Isuzu 54KW (74 hp) or Jiangxi Isuzu 57kw (77 hp) diesel auxiliary engine, France Schneider control switch, Hai Plessi solenoid valve set, Xiamen Nancha separation clutch, maintenance-free fan, tail LED arrow lamp, manual pump emergency System, import pulse meter, pulse valve.

Dongfeng 5000 liters road ash suction truck with broom

Product advantages

  I. Front-mounted water tank isolates the high temperature and strong noise generated by the secondary hair and improves the driving comfort.

II. Large capacity of water tanks and waste bins not only improves effective working time, but also eliminates the fuel consumption caused by repeated water additions and improves economic efficiency.

 III. The operation is safer. The automatic alarm function of the vehicle can truck ry out self-inspection of the key parts of the vehicle at any time (back door switch self-test, garbage bin lift self-test, water tank low water level alarm, sub-heating water tank over-temperature alarm) to avoid in time. Misoperation and non-human factors cause damage to the vehicle.

IV. High degree of user-friendly design. The full-cylinder controlled sweeping system can not only automatically adapt to various conditions of the road surface, but also can be automatically bumped, making driving easier.

V. The truck provides four modes: “left sweep”, “right sweep”, “full sweep” and “sweep sweep”. The user can select the sweep speed and set the “high”, “medium”, and “low” third gears, which can better be different. Traffic conditions for cleaning

 VI. Special fan for road sweeper, greater suction and less noise

 VII. The shape of the entire vehicle has been screened and determined by several projects. It is not only beautiful and elegant, but also has more special features.

Dongfeng 5000 liters road ash suction truck with broom

LM-GS-2500 snow sweeping brush parameters
Product Model LM-GS-2500
Dimensions (mm)2500x1100x900
Snow roll width: 2500mm
Roller diameter (mm) 620 standard / 800 optional
Snow removal thickness (mm) ≤ 120
Rising height: 200~400mm
Working pressure (mpa)≤16
Working flow (L) 140-180
Working speed (r/min)≥200-300
Working speed (km/h) 5-40
Left and right deflection angle: ≥30°+
Adjustment angle (°)±7
Rated speed: 200~300rpm
System flow (L/min): 150-180
Snow removal efficiency (%) 98
Snow throwing distance: 2---3m
Working width (mm) >2300
Control method: Electrohydraulic control
Operating voltage (v) 24

Matching models: Vehicles such as sweepers, sweepers, sprinklers, dump trucks, tractors, vans, etc., do not affect any of the functions of the vehicle, and can also be used interchangeably with snow sweepers.


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