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Dust Suppression Truck

» Dust Suppression Truck

water mist fog cannon on water truck
  • water mist sprayer on water truck
  • Dongfeng 5cbm dust suppression truck
  • Dongfeng 5cbm Green Spraying vehicle
  • Dongfeng 5cbm Green Spraying vehicle with 30m fog cannon

    1. Model: CLW5070WTFC5

    2. Size: 6340×1980×2800(mm)

    3. GVW: 7360kg

    4. Engine: 95HP

    5. Fog Cannon: LM-40

    6. Generator: 8KW Gas Generator

    • Specifications

    Dongfeng 5cbm Green Spraying vehicle with 30m fog cannon

    water mist sprayer on water truck

    Multifunctional dust-suppression truck is also known as landscaping truck, spraying truck, multi-functional dust-suppression truck is using a new style of wind spray fog cannon, high range spraying distance, high efficiency, equipped with spray fog cannon, can move up and down, liquid medicine through the pump pressure and fan, spray the garden street trees, green belts, garbage dumps, Collection points such as spraying insecticide.

    The maximum atomization distance up to 50 meters; For the object, it has a strong penetration and drug adhesion, can effectively save drugs and reduce pollution, to solve the conventional spraying plant, protection machinery range is not high, atomization, dispersion, the loss of liquid medicine is serious, not only affect the rate of insecticide dispersed, but also pollute the living environment problems.

    Dongfeng 5cbm Green Spraying vehicle

    Chassis configuration: The use of Dongfeng Multi- truck d chassis, Yuchai 115 horsepower, Euro five engines, 5-gear gearbox, 3308mm wheelbase, with direction booster, central control lock, electric doors and windows, ABS,7.00R steel wire tires, single row cab.

    Dongfeng 5cbm <a target='_blank' href=''>dust suppression truck</a>

    Main Features:

    Sprinkler front (spray), rear sprinkling, side spraying, with rear working platform, the platform installs the Green sprinkling cannon, the sprinkler cannon may the omni-directional rotation, may continuously adjust into straight form, the heavy rain, the rain, drizzle, with the safety guardrail, equipped with high quality Hangzhou Weilong special-purpose sprinkling pump, the pump may self-priming from the platoon, installs the filter net With fire-fighting interface, water flow through the fire hydrant, and artesian valve. The truck selected 30 meters green roll plate, can spray pesticide, tank metal paint.

    This is clasical dongfeng water truck (sometimes called water bowser) mounted a 30m water mist fog cannon. Also we have JAC Green Spraying vehicle, Sinotruk Green Spraying vehicle, Isuzu Green Spraying vehicle , JMC Green Spraying vehicle , SHacman Green Spraying vehicle …. any truck brand here in China.

    As others we not refer here or some details, pls contact us directly.


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