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Dust Suppression Truck

» Dust Suppression Truck

Dongfeng D9 disinfection truck
  • Dongfeng D9 water mist spraying truck
  • Dongfeng D9 anti dust truck
  • Dongfeng D9 dust suppress truck
  • Dongfeng D9 dust suppression truck
  • Dongfeng D9 Dust Suppression Truck

    1. Brand: Dongfeng D9

    2. Engine; Cummins180

    3. Tank Capacity: 12000 liters

    4. Fog cannon: CLW-80

    5. Dust Suppression truck/ Disinfection truck

    • Specifications
    • Detailed Parameters

    Dongfeng D9 disinfection truck

    Dongfeng D9 Dust Suppression Truck

    Main Introduction of this D9 dust suppression truck

    Dongfeng D9 series truck chassis is a new model of Dongfeng, which issued in 2018 with atractive appearance / cab, and mostly the high Cost-effective price. Then it widely get acceptable soon in the market.

    Dongfeng D9 <a target='_blank' href=''>dust suppression truck</a>

    Chassis parameters: Dongfeng original chassis, EQ1181 Dongfeng D9 Dolica chassis, Dongfeng Motor series, fat jade white, wheelbase 4500-4700, semi hydraulic tilting cab, engine is Cummins ISB180, 180 horses, gearbox Shaanxi Fast Small eight-speed gearbox, front and rear axles 4.5/10T, frame 250mm, 10.00R20 tires, direction assist, air brake, power window, exhaust assisted brake, central lock, ABS, air conditioning.

    Dongfeng D9 dust suppress truck

    Top configuration: tank volume is 10-12 multi-function dust and wine cart, optional air-driven fog cannon unit, range of 50 meters, 60 meters, 80 meters, tank steel plate is 4m carbon steel Q235 material, tank internal partition
    It has anti-wave effect to reduce the impact of tank body liquid when the car is running. The outer dimensions of the tank body and the whole car are in accordance with the announcement. With high-power special drying water pump, which can be self-priming and self-draining, the whole vehicle can be flushed, sprayed, side sprayed, and
    65 fire interface, the evaluation platform is equipped with CLW 50, CLW-60, CLW -80 air-driven fog cannon unit; the front head of the tank is equipped with a high-power diesel generator set; remote control system control; fog cannon automatic rotation angle 0- 360° .. The slam platform has a green sprinkler, which can be rotated in all directions, and can be continuously adjusted to direct, heavy rain, light rain. Rain; front to head with water level gauge, rear platform main road with 1 inch watering interface, and rear ladder. Bring two water pipes and yin and yang ends. Tank body color: silver/grey/green, spray “multifunctional dust suppression vehicle” on both sides of the tank body with reflective signs.




    Main specification

     Model Name

    Dongfeng Multifunction Dust Suppression Vehicle  (disinfectant truck)

    Driving Type

    4x2,left hand drive




    Rated payload weight(kg)


     Curb weight(kg)



    Wheelbase (mm)


     Overall Dimension(mm)


     Water tanker size


     Max speed (km/h)



    Engine MODEL

    ISB180  (Cummins engine)

    Engine Power

    132KW at 2500rpm

    Max torque

    700N.m at 1200-1700 rpm



    Emission standard


    Engine type

    Cummins engine, 6 cylinders,diesel

    Drive Line


    6 speeds,6 forwarder,1 reverse gear, manual operation


    With power steering


    Air brake


    Front axle

    4.5 tons

    Rear axle




    Kingrun one and a half row cab , Air Conditioner

    Tanker body

    Tanker body size

    Tank capacity: 12000liters

    Tank material

    Carbon steel

    Tire specification

    Tire specification

    9.00R20 standard tire,6 tires+1 spare tire

    Water pump

    Water pump

    Water pump model: 80QZF-60/90N (N/S)

    Water pump flow rate(L/m): 60m3/h

    Head of delivery(m): 90m

    Self-priming function(min/4m):1.5


    Related rotate speed(r/min)1180

    matched power(kw):22

    Water spray cannon

    Water spray cannon


    Water spray cannon can be adjustable: straight, heavy rain, moderate rain, drizzling rain or haze.   Sprayer Range can to 28m

    Specification of fog cannon

    fog cannon model


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