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Road Sweeper Truck

» Road Sweeper Truck

  • duolika Road sweeper truck
  • Dongfeng duolika Road sweeper
  • Dongfeng Road sweeper truck
  • Dongfeng Road sweeper
  • Dongfeng duolika Road sweeper truck
  • LED Arrow Warning Light
  • Centralized control panel of cab
  • High quality hydraulic solenoid valve Group
  • back view of suction plate
  • sweep brushes on sweeper
  • high power wear-resistant and maintenance-free centrifugal fan
  • jiangxi isuzu 57Kw engine
  • Dongfeng duolika Road sweeper truck

    1. Model: CLW5070TSLQ5

    2. Chassis: dongfeng EQ1070

    3. Wheelbase: 3308mm

    4. Engine: 75kw/100HP

    5. Tank: 1cbm + 4cbm

    • Specifications


    The road sweeper truck adopts Dongfeng chassis (wheelbase 3308), Euro V emission standard, 100horse power diesel auxiliary engine, blower, clear water box, trash box, left and right vertical sweep, after the suction cup, sweep the dust-reducing system, hydraulic system, special device electronic control system and the auxiliary frame and so on.
    Dongfeng duolika Road sweeper truck
    1. Dongfeng (wheelbase 3308) chassis, with the front turn, with the original power-assist direction, 7.00R16 tires. Equipped with diesel engine 75kw, low fuel consumption.
    jiangxi isuzu 57Kw engine
      2. The auxiliary engine uses the strong performance Jiangxi Isuzu 57Kw diesel engine.
    high power wear-resistant and maintenance-free centrifugal fan
    3. Automatic clutch drive fan to reduce the engine impact when the fan starts and stops. It has the advantages of high abrasion resistance, long service life, low noise, low fuel consumption and cost saving in the process of use.
    4. Using the listed company North Glass platform letter high-power wear-resistant and maintenance-free centrifugal fan, no noise, high efficiency, large air volume, long service life (Figure 2).
    5. Clear water box make full use of the truck space, volume 1.5m³, built-in water level alarm, the inside of the water tank anti-corrosion, rust, anti-virus treatment, so that the pump running more safe, to protect the efficiency of cleaning.
    6. The Trash bin uses the double layer inside the gallbladder stainless steel structure, the volume 4m³, the internal installation filters The net board, can effectively prevent the leaf, the plastic bag and so on the ethereal matter to plug the Tuyere and the dust discharge. Built-in spray pressure dust device, the maximum use of garbage bins to load the space, the box body using tilting unloading.
    7. Left and right vertical sweep for the single sweep plate, the front sweep plate with automatic avoidance function, reducing the number of brushes and brush consumption, can reduce the cost of use. The sweeping brush is fitted with a sprinkling device for spraying dust. The left and right vertical sweep can be controlled separately to achieve different operation modes such as back sweep and full sweep (Figure 3).
    sweep brushes on sweeper
    8. Suction nozzle width reaches 1100mm, the maximum operating width is greater than 3.2m. 3 Highly adjustable suction nozzle wheels can conveniently adjust and ensure reasonable clearance between suction nozzle and road surface, so as to achieve better decontamination effect and higher pollution-absorbing efficiency .
    back view of suction plate
    9. The use of domestic well-known brands of cycloid motor, long service life stable and reliable, low failure rate.
    10. The hydraulic pipe adopts the German standard technical seal structure form, the anti-seismic dynamic performance is good, the sealing reliability is high, can realize the leak-free sealing effect.
    11. The use of High-quality hydraulic solenoid valve Group, two-way Operation button, the key electronic control components used in Germany Siemens electrical switch, high reliability, long service life.
    High quality hydraulic solenoid valve Group
    12. Hydraulic components using integrated overlay design, the CAB electro-hydraulic centralized control, can facilitate the operation of the left and right vertical sweep movements, the left and right sweep disk rotation, suction nozzle take-off and landing, garbage box back and forth, garbage box tilting reset and other mechanical actions.
    Centralized control panel of cab
    13. Install the manual pump emergency system, in the state of the auxiliary engine stop can lift the garbage bin, easy to maintain and maintenance.
    14. Used in the rear to ensure the safety of the driving operation.
    LED Arrow Warning Light
    15. Non-stainless steel parts by electrophoretic antirust treatment, durable.
    16. The auxiliary frame bearing beam is welded by the section length 120mm width 60mm thick 8mm cbm steel, has ensured the whole vehicle safety, lets the vehicle trael safer.
    17. Appearance modelling computer design, high side skirt, curved surface transition, overall coordination symmetry, create low fuel consumption, low noise, streamline appearance.
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