Dongfeng liuqi 10 cbm dust suppression truck

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Dongfeng liuqi 10 cbm dust suppression truck, made by Longma Trucks.

Dongfeng liuqi 10 cbm dust suppression truck

Newly made Dongfeng liuqi dust suppression truck made by longma trucks under Liuqi chassis, also another high quality chassis company combination with Dongfeng.

Dongfeng liuqi 10 cbm dust suppression truck

Basic parameters of  Dongfeng liuqi dust suppression truck

New Dongfeng liuqi M3 cab, 5100mm wheelbase, YC6J180 diesel engine, 6.494L displacement, Euro 5 emission standard, 9.00R20 tires.

Dongfeng liuqi 10 cbm dust suppression truck

Up structure of Dongfeng liuqi dust suppression truck

water tank: 10 cbm , 4mm high quality truck bonsteel, Cuboid tank box.

Generator:  100kw, Diesel fuel, Euro III emission standard.

Fog Cannon: Model CLW 100, longma dust fighter, 100m water spray distance.

Dongfeng liuqi 10 cbm dust suppression truck

Scope of application - Dongfeng liuqi dust suppression truck

Forest protection, urban landscaping, roadside trees, such as the spraying of drugs to control pests and diseases;

Environmental protection industries, mines, coal yards, terminals, steel mills and other dust relatively large construction sites such as dust and cooling;

Rapid killing of American white moth, locust and large area of agricultural and forestry pest control;Garbage yard, public places, and natural disasters after the large area sterilization, epidemic prevention.

Dongfeng liuqi 10 cbm dust suppression truck

Basic Features of Dongfeng liuqi dust suppression truck

1. Spray Device: Spray machine can rotate up and down and left and right, the pesticide pump pressure and two atomization of the fan can be used to spray insecticide on the garden street trees, nursery, green Belt, Park plant and forest plant, forestry trees, grassland vegetation, and to clean and disinfect the animal husbandry farm, rubbish dump and various roads. Atomization distance up to 50m. Can be running side spray operation.
2. High injection: Equipped with a gun, a range of up to 30m, can be adjusted to fog-like or columnar, mainly for landscaping, pesticide spraying, billboards and wall cleaning, emergency can be used for fire.
3. Front Flush: Install 360° adjustable DC nozzle Two only, cab control open. The flushing width can reach above 25m. In addition to flushing the road, when the nozzle adjustment to 45° around, can be on both sides of the road to flush the tall trees.
4. After spraying: Equipped with two sprinkler devices, mainly for the road cleaning and pressure dust, fan spraying, sprinkler width up to 20m or more.

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