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Fog cannon truck working on Hefei road

10月 19, 2021

Hefei Online News (Reporter Wang Xiaofeng) Recently, the Chaohu East Station Comprehensive Management Office took multiple measures and dispatched multiple mechanized sanitation vehicles such as multifunctional dust suppression vehicles, sprinklers, and sweepers to cooperate with sanitation workers to carry out road cleaning and sprinkling and dust removal operations. Effectively suppress road dust pollution, improve the quality of road environmental sanitation in Chaohu East Station area, and strive to create a clean, tidy, comfortable and pleasant travel environment for passengers.

Chaohu East Station dispatched multifunctional dust suppression vehicles to let the station area “dust settle”

Fog cannon truck working on Hefei road

An imported spray device is installed at the rear of the newly put into use multifunctional dust suppression vehicle. By remotely controlling the device, the spray pitch angle can be changed within the range of -10-60 degrees as needed, and the spray distance can reach up to 130 meters. The elevation can reach up to 50 meters. The water mist particles sprayed by the multifunctional dust suppression vehicle are smaller, cover a wider area, use water resources more efficiently, and have a strong adsorption force for dust in the air. The water mist and the dust in the air condense together, which can quickly force the pollutants in the air to fall to the ground, so as to achieve the effect of rapid dust reduction, which has a good effect on preventing and controlling air pollution, purifying the air, and beautifying the environment of the station area.

Source of this article: Hefei Online


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