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Snowmelt Agent Spreader

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china snowmelt agent spreader
  • Chengli snowmelt agent spreader
  • 10cbm snowmelt agent spreader
  • CLW SBJ-1000
  • CLW snowmelt agent spreader
  • longma snowmelt agent spreader
  • longma sbj 1000
  • LM brand 10cbm snowmelt agent spreader – LM-SBJ-1000

    Model: LM-SBJ-1000

    Size: 6200x2050x1550mm

    Weight: 2100kg

    Spreading width: 0~20 meter

    Capacity Optional: 2cbm, 3cbm, 4cbm, 6cbm, 8cbm, 10cbm




    • Specifications

    LM brand 10cbm snowmelt agent spreader – LM-SBJ-1000

    longma sbj 1000

    LM-SBJ-1000 snowmelt Agent Spreader:

    Overall dimension (mm): 6200x2050x1550
    Melt Snow agent conveying form: spiral conveying
    Can be equipped with power: Honda gasoline Engine
    Material Cangjong product (m): 10
    Spreading width (m): 0~20 meter Adjustable
    strewing Amount (g/m2): 20~150
    Hydraulic pressure system: ≥20 (MPA)
    Hydraulic Flow: L/min
    Motor Displacement (ML/R): 28
    Turntable diameter (mm): 480
    Operating speed (km/h): 15~40 Adjustable
    Control unit: 12V–24V Hydraulic Control valve Adjustable
    Deadweight (kg): 2100
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