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  • LM brand 2.5m snow broom LM-GS-2500

    Brand: Longma

    Model: LM-GS-2500

    Size: 2500x1100x900mm

    Snow Roll Width: 2500mm

    Snow removal thickness (mm) ≤120



    • Specifications

    LM brand 2.5m snow broom LM-GS-2500

    longma <a target='_blank' href=''>snow broom</a> 2500

    lm-gs-2500 Snow Broom:

    Product model lm-gs-2500
    Overall dimension (mm) 2500x1100x900
    Snow Roll Width: 2500mm
    Roller brush Diameter (MM) 620 standard/800 optional
    Snow removal thickness (mm) ≤120
    Ascent Height: 200~400mm
    Work pressure (MPA) ≤16
    Work flow (L) 140-180
    Working speed (r/min) ≥200-300
    Working speed (km/h) 5-40
    Left and right deflection angle: ≥30°+
    Adjustment angle (°) ±7
    Rated Speed: 200~300rpm
    System Flow (l/min): 150-180
    Snow removal efficiency (%) 98
    Snow-throwing Distance: 2—3m
    Working width (mm) >2300
    Control mode: Electrohydraulic joint control
    Control Voltage (v) 24
    longma <a target='_blank' href=''>snow broom</a> 2500 for vehicle

    Features of  lm-gs-2500 Snow Broom

    Snow brush can be added to large and medium-sized vehicles, large and medium loaders, installed without affecting the vehicle’s other functions, can quickly clear the road snow. Safe, reliable, stable and efficient operation, widely used in high-grade highways, urban or township trunk roads, airports, cbm s, docks, scenic spots road in winter snow removal.
    longma <a target='_blank' href=''>snow broom</a> 2500 for trucks
    longma <a target='_blank' href=''>snow broom</a>


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