longma 2.0m snow plow on pickup vehicles

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These are longma snow plows monted on pickups last year(2017) we sold to Hebei customers in the same place for the highway administation。 Model: LM-XC-2000

longma 2.0m snow plow on pickup vehicles

lm-xc-2000 Snow Shovel Parameters
Product size (mm): 2000x1100x600
Effective working width (mm): 1500-2000
Total weight of snow shovel (kg): 280KG
Push snow board left and right corner (°): ≥±30°
Left and right steering cylinder stroke: 150mm
Take-off and landing Oil cylinder stroke: 160mm
Maximum ground clearance (mm): 300
Obstacle avoidance Height (mm): 120

longma 2.0m snow plow on pickup vehicles

Snow removal Thickness (mm): ≤140
Snow removal efficiency: ≥90%
Hydraulic system: RMH-6254-2E-2-040-H-2S DC hydraulic system unit
Operating voltage (optional): 12v/24v
Shovel blade (thick x width): 12x120 (high abrasion resistant steel)
Shovel PLATE: High strength and toughness quality truck bon steel
Operating speed (km/h): 15-30

longma 2.0m snow plow on pickup vehicles

Matching models: Cleaning vehicle, road sweeper, sprinkler, tipper, tractor, box-type truck, pickup and other vehicles, does not affect the use of any vehicle functions, can also be used interchangeably with snow brush.

longma 2.0m snow plow on pickup vehicles

Features of  LM-XC-2000 Snow Plow

1.  WEIGHT: 280KG  lm-xc-2000 is about 280kg, it's lighter than any snow plows made in China, so it's more suitable for vehicles like pickup and our privite truck or any farm tractors.

2.  EASY OPERATION: It's very easy to operate it, whatever Installation or Disassembly. And it can be changed with the snow broom very convinient.

3. GOOD DESIGNED: It's good designed, and it nearly can not be damaged. Cos any of them we add the auto obstacle avoidance function in it.

4. BEST MATEIRIAL: We choose high abrasion resistant steel for the shovel blade.

longma 2.0m snow plow on pickup vehicles

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