Longma 3.6m snow shovel, LM-XC-3600

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Longma 3.6m snow shovel, LM-XC-3600 Model

Longma 3.6m snow shovel, LM-XC-3600

lm-xc-3600 Snow Shovel Parameters

Product size (mm): 3600x1800x1400
Effective working width (mm): 2800-3500
Total weight of snow shovel (kg): 1100KG
Push snow board left and right corner (°): ≥±30°
Left and right steering cylinder stroke: 180mm
Take-off and landing Oil cylinder stroke: 200mm
Maximum ground clearance (mm): 400-500
Obstacle avoidance Height (mm): 260
Snow removal Thickness (mm): ≤200
Snow removal efficiency: ≥90%
Hydraulic system: RMH-6254-2E-2-040-H-2S DC hydraulic system unit
Operating voltage (optional): 12v/24v
Shovel blade (thick x width): 15x130 (high abrasion resistant steel)
Shovel PLATE: High strength and toughness quality truck bon steel
Operating speed (km/h): 15-40
Matching truck models: Cleaning truck s, road sweeper, sprinkler, dump truck, tractor, box-type goods vehicle, do not affect the use of any vehicle functions, but also with snow brush swap use.

Longma 3.6m snow shovel on Sinotruk Snow Removal Truck

Longma 3.6m snow shovel, LM-XC-3600

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