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  • Longma 3m snow shovel model LM-XC-3000

    1. Model: LM-XC-3000

    2. Size: 3000x1200x1000

    3. Weight: 680KG

    4. Snow removal Thickness (mm): ≤200

    5. Snow removal efficiency: ≥90%

    • Specifications

    Longma 3m snow shovel model LM-XC-3000

    china best snow shovel

    lm-xc-3000 Snow Shovel Parameters

    Product size (mm): 3000x1200x1000
    Effective working width (mm): 2800-3000
    Total weight of snow shovel (kg): 680KG
    Push snow board left and right corner (°): ≥±30°
    Left and right steering cylinder stroke: 180mm
    Take-off and landing Oil cylinder stroke: 200mm
    Maximum ground clearance (mm): 300-500
    Obstacle avoidance Height (mm): 140
    Snow removal Thickness (mm): ≤200
    Snow removal efficiency: ≥90%
    Hydraulic system: RMH-6254-2E-2-040-H-2S DC hydraulic system unit
    Operating voltage (optional): 12v/24v
    Shovel blade (thick x width): 14×130 (high abrasion resistant steel)
    Shovel PLATE: High strength and toughness quality truck bon steel
    Operating speed (km/h): 15-30
    Matching models: Cleaning Trucks, road sweeper, sprinkler, dump truck, tractor, box-type goods vehicle, do not affect the use of any vehicle functions, but also change the snow
    brush / snow broom for lternate use

    Dongfeng 14 cbm water truck with Longma 3m snow shovel

    Dongfeng 14 cbm water truck with Longma 3m snow shovel
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