Longma brand dongfeng tianlong 16cbm dust suppression truck

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Longma brand dongfeng tianlong 16cbm dust suppression truck

Dongfeng Tianlong 16cbm capacity multi-purpose dust-suppression vehicle, will serve the Ministry of Railways and the related areas. The train is transporting coal, which is used to solidify the coal on each train, form protective film and reduce pollution. Spraying cannon can be 360 degrees rotation, with a sprinkler function, the rear platform antiaircraft artillery can be rotated at the same time. Can be operated by electronic remote control.

Longma brand dongfeng tianlong 16cbm dust suppression truck

Working Principle of dust suppression vehicle:

The dust and dispersal along the coal-transporting train cause serious environmental problems. Spraying dust-suppression agent on the coal-transporting train can effectively prevent the loss and environmental pollution caused by the rapid running of the coal train. According to the characteristics and technical requirements of coal railway transportation, combined with the physical properties of dust suppression agent, the design scheme of the spraying equipment for dust suppression is put forward, the nozzle is designed and the spraying performance is numerically simulated and experimentally studied.

Longma brand dongfeng tianlong 16cbm dust suppression truck

Chassis configuration of this dongfeng tianlong truck:

Chassis Model: Dfl1250a13, wheelbase 4350+1350 (mm), Dongfeng Cummins ISD245 50 electronically controlled high pressure common rail engine (WHTC), D310 flat-top cab, Shaanxi-toothed 9-gear 9js119t-b gearbox, 7T front axle, 10T single-stage deceleration double rear axle (Dongfeng 435), 11.00R20 radial tire, hydraulic electric flip, colorless interlayer front wind window glass, electric glass lifter, central control door lock, airbag damping driver seat, channel type instrument panel, cruise system. With ABS, air conditioning.

Longma brand dongfeng tianlong 16cbm dust suppression truck
Up structure configuration:

Tank Volume: 16 cbm, the new round tank body, tank steel plate using Q235 truck bon steel, before the shower, side spray, platform anti-aircraft, artesian valve and fire joint of each one, 2 water pipes, standard billion-feng pump or jinlong pump. Optional 60-100-meter air spray machine.
Optional configuration:
Medicine tray, indoor air control operation, Big duck mouth 1 pairs, Honda pump, plus cannon, long police lights, tank side with the gate, the tank after the installation of spray, Grand Dragon Small pump/large pump, LED arrow lights, the whole truck chase diameter ball valve.
Longma brand dongfeng tianlong 16cbm dust suppression truck

Functional configuration of dust suppression truck:

Flush with the front of the surface spraying device, rear fan-shaped dust spraying device, two side spraying device, with the back of the work platform, platform installed green sprinkler gun (gun spray shape adjustable), can be adjusted straight-like, heavy rains, moderate rain, drizzle, can be continuously adjusted, the maximum range of up to 28 meters, Vertical suction range of 6.5 meters, head 14 meters, plus high efficiency truck -mounted air sprayer, spray gun atomization effect is good, can be remote spray, horizontal range of 25 meters. With fire-fighting interface, artesian valve, can be self-priming from the row.

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