Longma brand fog cannon model LM100

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Longma brand fog cannon model CLW 100

Longma brand fog cannon model LM100

Product model CLW-100
Patent number 201630487869.3
Fan Motor Power (KW) 30/37KW
Drive pump Power (KW) 11 KW
Water consumption (m³/h) 10
Up and down spraying angle range -10°—55°
Left and right spraying angle range 0°— 360°
Power configuration (380V 50Hz) 380V 50Hz
Noise level (20MT) ca.63 dB
Number of nozzles (a) 50+30 pcs
Water Mist fineness (micron) 10~150
Water Filtration precision (micron/mesh) 250/60
Remote control distance (m 100(m)
Generator Set (KW) 100-120 KW Diesel Generator
Operating Ambient temperature 0°~55
Weight (KG) 1525(KG)
Long * wide * height (mm) 2000×1500×2600
Can you provide custom customlized Yes


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