Longma brand fog cannon model LM 30

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Longma brand fog cannon model CLW 30

Longma brand fog cannon model LM 30

Fog Cannon Model: CLW-30
Patent No. 201630487869.3
Fan Motor Power: 3KW
Drive Pump Power: 2.2KW
Water Pump Model Swallow: (Type 70)
Water consumption: 0.8─1 (m³/h)
Up and down spraying angle range: -10°-55°
Left and right spraying angle range: 0°-360°
Power Configuration: 380V 50Hz
Noise level: ca.65 DB (20MT)
Nozzle Quantity: Stainless Steel Nozzle 8
Water Mist fineness: 10 ~150 (Micron)
Water Filtration Precision: 250/60 (micron/mesh)
Remote control distance: 300 (m)
Generator set gasoline engine: 8KW (selected diesel auxiliary generator set)
Operating Ambient temperature: 0°~ 55°
Weight: 280 (KG)
Size: 1100x500x1700 (mm)
Other Service: OEM & ODM 
Longma brand fog cannon model LM 30

Application of this fog cannon:

Fog cannon machine is a kind of dust-control water spray system, belongs to environmental protection machinery applicable to coal, mines, site and other, easy to dust, can reduce the dust in the air, to purify the air. Through High-performance long-range wind, it will send water mist to the dust concentration, water mist and dust binding, adsorption, into a regiment, weight, under its own gravity sedimentation to the ground, so as to achieve anti-dust. This technology has high dust removal efficiency, especially for the fine particle size of respirable dust, in addition to the advantages of the traditional wet dust remover, the more important advantage is: its atomized water particle size is particularly small, easy to combine with dust particles and sedimentation down, so its use of water than wet dust removal greatly reduced, only the traditional wet dust removal water consumption of 1 per thousand, even smaller.

Longma brand fog cannon model LM 30

Nearly most of the fog cannons are mounted on the water truck, to give mobile sevice to any place needed, good maneuvering performance. For sure, if some need fixed site place spraying service, also we can make it, like the coal yard, mine, transshipment site...

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