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Подавление пыли Автомобиль Ченг Ли помогает Xiong'an New City Строительство

May 17, 2018

Cheng Li assists Xiong An construction

Заголовок: обеспыливания автомобилей Ченг Ли помог первый снос и дисплей Xiong'an Грина, и был показан в средствах массовой информации, такие как CCTV и Хэбэй ТВ.

Утром мая 8, Ronghe Boutique Hotel в Жунчэне, Xiong'an Новый район начал снос. Это первый проект в Китае, чтобы быть снесены с использованием экологически чистых технологий, and marks the formal launch of Xiong’an “Green Demolition War”. In the future, most of the demolition projects in Xiong’an New District will adopt this internationally leading, environmentally friendly and efficient method, and will gradually be promoted throughout the Euro , adding vitality to green development.

ChengLi <a target='_blank' href='http://www.longmatruck.com/dust-suppression-truck'>Пылеподавление грузовик</a> on xiongan construction

On the morning of May 9th CCTV station CCTV13, the scene focused on the first demolition of green environmental protection in Xiong’an New District, Chengli Пылеподавление транспортного средства CLW-100 smart spray dust show their skills, bring new changes for high-tech environmental demolition, for the development of green economy Added brilliance.

ТЛС <a target='_blank' href='http://www.longmatruck.com/dust-suppression-truck'>Пылеподавление грузовик</a> on xiongan construction

According to the splendid scenes broadcast by the CCTV and the anchor’s report, in the first batch of green environmental protection demolition in Xiong’an New District, the dust-reducing vehicle provided by Chengli Automobile Group played an important role in the demolition site, along with hydraulic shears, High-tech means such as hydraulic cutters, diamond saws, robots, and mobile crushers were launched. The CLW-100 dust-removing truck CLW-100 has a remarkable effect of dust precipitation, and it is praiseworthy for its outstanding performance.

Immediately afterwards, Hebei TV and other mainstream media at home and abroad conducted intensive publicity and reporting on the important role of Chengli’s high-tech innovative products, the multi-functional integrated dust suppression vehicles in green demolition and relocation.

ChengLi <a target='_blank' href='http://www.longmatruck.com/dust-suppression-truck'>Пылеподавление грузовик</a> on HEBEI TV

It is reported that Chengli Auto Group is based on independent research and development and the introduction of absorption innovation, and the intelligent integrated multi-functional Пылеподавление транспортного средства developed and produced jointly with Korea Co., Ltd., which is cost-effective for one vehicle.

CLW-100 dust suppression FOG CANNON on xiongan construction

Since it was put on the market in 2017, it has been favored and praised by end users. The products are exported to countries and regions such as Kazakhstan, Ukraine, North America, Europe, the United Kingdom, Switzerland, Iceland and Japan and South Korea in the “Belt and Road” initiative. Inner Mongolia and Northeast China also have a high market share.

chengli snow removal <a target='_blank' href='http://www.longmatruck.com/dust-suppression-truck'>Пылеподавление грузовик</a> on xiongan construction

In addition to functions such as dust suppression, greening, watering, and sweeping, the truck can also be installed with snow shovels and snow rolls to remove snow, remove snow slag, and remove obstacles. It is an innovative and innovative product in the field of manufacturing in China.

Cheng Li’s Пылеподавление транспортного средства not only functions to open and hang, but also serves as the face value of the special emergency industry. It is the top martial arts expert Bruce Lee and the acting queen Fan Bingbing in special vehicles.

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